Rimac People on Record: Swati Rai Dhanda

04 September, 2020

What do you do at Rimac?
I work in Rimac’s design department as a Colour & Trims designer. I am responsible for research and development of the materials, colours & finish definitions on our products. I focus on the functional aspect of each material as per the requirement of the project as well as on the sensorial outcome of different combinations & possibilities. My intention remains to invoke the apt emotional response that is in harmony with our design identity and brand story.

What do you love the most about your job?
I enjoy learning and I love that my job offers me many opportunities to do so. I get to interact with experts across departments within Rimac and my role exposes me to external suppliers, partners as well as customers. Every day I learn and grow!

What’s one thing you’ve done here that you’re proud of?
I feel proud to have made design contributions in the development of the Rimac C_Two. My work scoped from broad topics such as defining the colour & trim editions and options to finer details like exterior paint hues, caliper graphics, interior materials, decorative stitching and so on.

What is your previous experience?
My educational background has been in Transportation design. As a student, I gathered industry experience in the aircraft and railway design sphere at Yellow Window Design consultants and Alstom Transport. Right before joining Rimac, I worked at Adient – automotive seating manufacturer and owner of Recaro sports seats. I was with Adient for 3 years, working in different capacities – Design Research, Industrial Design as well as Colour & Trims design.

How is working at Rimac different compared to your former job?
Working at Rimac has been a unique experience. Previously, I was a part of teams that had work processes and methodologies already set for employees to adopt. Rimac is the most dynamic place so far with a high concentration of bright minds. Here, I feel encouraged to take the lead, to test everything pragmatically, collaborate with my colleagues and get things done. I feel great ownership and responsibility for my work, yet I don´t feel scared to make mistakes which help me to learn and improve.

What technology does the world miss in 2020 to make our lives better/easier? What would you like to see developed and active soon? (any purpose)
I love traveling but I hate long journeys. I wish there was a technology that would allow me to visit my family or travel as much as I wish without having to endure tedious plane travel and rather spend maximum time experiencing the place I visit.

Favorite way to spend free time? Any hobbies? 
I enjoy spending my free time with friends and family or reading books, listening to astronomy podcasts and learning to play my ukulele.

Are you a cat, dog or something else person?
I love horses!

If you could see one of the Black Mirror episodes come true, which one would it be?
I wish we could replay our memories; without the part where other people can see them too!

A favorite superhero?
Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

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