Rimac People on Record: Tomislav Lugarić

04 September, 2020

What do you do at Rimac?
The team is responsible for developing the operating system which is the base of all units that make up the infotainment. My tasks range from digging around the Linux kernel, integration of various pieces of software into our IVI, solving various architectural challenges, and generally ensuring our IVI Apps team doesn’t need to worry about hardware, and everything “just works” for them. Our work creates the link between the infotainment hardware in the vehicle, and the infotainment applications that enable rich user experience we at Rimac pride ourselves on. Currently, I am working on our Bluetooth handsfree solution which will support Aston Martin Valkyrie, Rimac C_Two, and Automobili Pininfarina projects. 

What do you love the most about your job?
Unique technical challenges keep me at the edge of my seat. I appreciate my colleagues with vast expertise. The high-tech world is very exciting.

What’s one thing you’ve done here that you’re proud of?
People tell me I ignited love and passion for our product and software development in general in a lot of my team members.

What is your previous experience?
I worked on HMI for remotely operated underwater vehicles, mission control software for underwater robots, and GUI apps for CFD.

How is working at Rimac different compared to your former job?
The company culture is better; I have fun with my colleagues no matter how hard the work gets. It’s great to see and feel the product you’re working on.

What drives you?
Childhood dreams, love for building things, engineering stubbornness.

And what do you drive?
A 30-year-old Ford Fiesta. I also got a new Ford Focus, but the Fiesta makes me happy.

What job would you like to have, if not this one?
I would like to be a pilot.

What technology does the world miss in 2020 to make our lives better?
Cost-effective means for emissions energy production. (answer to both questions).

Favorite way to spend free time? Any hobbies?
Manual work and tinkering, lawn mowing, fixing stuff on car, boat, house, some light electronics work, programming, furniture making.

Do you prefer iOS or Android?
No preference I admire both their missions and philosophies.

A favorite superhero?
Batman, in the 1966 movie interpretation by Adam West.

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