Rimac People on Record: Nikola Vranjić

04 September, 2020

What do you do at Rimac?
I lead the Computational Fluid Dynamics team which works with fluid flow and heat transfer inside our components. Simply, we simulate overheating of components and then give suggestions on how to avoid that. 

What is your previous experience and how long have you been in Rimac?
I’ve been in Rimac for 2 years. My previous experience was 3.5 years at Alstom (later acquired by General Electric) where I worked as Gas Turbine Combustor Cooling Engineer. It was a great experience being a part of a huge corporation and collaborating with the world’s top talents in the most hostile environment – protecting stuff from 2000 Kelvins.

How is working at Rimac different compared to your former job?
Do you know how we used to call 400°C air? Cold air. Now, we are not allowed to cross 60°C.
I had to recalibrate my intuition but the basic principles are the same, the job keeps you at the edge of your seat.

How do you keep up with market news? What do you read/watch?
Youtube is my main source of automotive news, but I will read whatever I can. Reddit helps me filter the noise sometimes but I still always have 50 tabs open.

What job would you like to have, if not this one?
Space or defense industry, although my wife would object to military, so Space. Or Biology, Microbiology. 

Favorite way to spend free time? Any hobbies??
I’ve got two kids, so it is all about them. I used to play turn-based strategies, so if I had any free time I’d do that.

Are you a cat, dog or something else person?
A cat person. I respect the independence and despise unconditional loyalty. 

A favorite superhero?
Batman. He does not have superpowers. Only intelligence and money. Half relatable. 

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