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We are Rimac

We design, engineer and build the most advanced automotive technology possible. From developing and manufacturing era-defining hypercars to inventing and building ground-breaking new technologies. We challenge convention and push technology to the edge of possibility. Welcome to Rimac. This is our story.

Forging the future, faster

Rimac Automobili was founded in 2009 from a love for automotive and with the vision to create high-performance cars for the electric era.

Today, we're a 1300-people strong technology powerhouse focused on designing, engineering and producing electric hypercars and high-performance EV components for the global automotive industry.

We are passionate about engineering-led design and operating at the edge of possibility.

We never stop looking for innovative ways to push boundaries and overcome challenges to constantly raise the bar in high-performance.

Our vision

Our goal is to show the world amazing engineering through our electric hypercars and advanced technologies. But it wasn't always like that.

The original idea was to create the most powerful (electric) hypercar. However, the technology we needed didn't exist yet and the systems that were available simply weren't available to us an automotive startup back in 2009. It was clear we had to create everything ourselves. Ever since, we've been growing the talent and core competencies in-house.


Our hypercars are at the brink of technology. They are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house and demonstrate what is possible when innovation and passion are given free rein.


Our engineering team creates core EV systems in-house, from power-dense drivetrain systems to a highly advanced autonomous-driving and unique user experience enabled through our infotainment technologies.

The whole team is used to punching well above their weight, we're often the underdog that comes out on top.

Our team is central to our success. They enjoy rising to the challenge and have fun pushing the limits of technology. Together, we're forging the future of automotive, faster.

Mate Rimac

founder and CEO

It all began with one man and his dream, in a garage.

The story of Rimac Automobili is a story of beating all odds in spite of enormous challenges, an impossibly ambitious vision and many near-death experiences. It is also a story with great potential to grow beyond what we believe is possible, and l have made it my life's mission to take it there. 

Mate Rimac / Founder of Rimac Automobili, CEO Rimac Group

Mate Rimac – the man behind the brand

It all began with one man and his dream, in a garage. At the age of 21, our founder and CEO – Mate Rimac – set about reinventing the way cars were engineered after his combustion engined 1984 BMW E30 blew during a race. Rather than replace it, he chose a much more challenging route to build his own electric powertrain – a journey that would see him spark a revolution in the automotive industry.

After starting Rimac Automobili in 2011 with just a handful of people, Mate has grown the company from a specialist component manufacturer to a series production hypercar and technology powerhouse, which employs over 1300 dedicated employees. Still guided by Mate’s unwavering quest for performance perfection and relentless enthusiasm, we enter a new chapter in Rimac’s history with the launch of the all-new Nevera hypercar, which follows on from the Concept_One.

Mate’s journey from garage to global has seen him build a success story in less than a decade. He grew up loving engineering and testing the limits of what was possible. These characteristics remain at the core of the business today. Blazing a radical, new and exciting path for automotive, our founder and the team at Rimac continue to achieve today what many wouldn’t consider possible even in the future.

Our products remove any fear of the future and create excitement, appealing to forward thinkers while inspiring the next generation of game-changers.

Our Journey

From a garage project and a one-man-band show to global technology leader and a 1100-strong established automotive series producer. Read all about the milestones on our journey over the past decade.

Our Facilities

Rimac Group today

We’re 1300-people strong, with headquarters in Sveta Nedelja, on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia. We moved to this location in 2013 and outgrew it sooner than planned. In 2018, we opened two engineering offices in Split and Osijek. Soon after we opened a 450-people Rimac Technology R&D office in Zagreb, followed by the opening of the UK R&D Office in Warwick. Our latest facility expansion in 2021 spreads over 37,000m2 in Jankomir, Zagreb, and is home to the Nevera series production line and multiple components and battery production lines in 2021. Our dream location, the Rimac Campus, is in construction. 

  • 01
    Headquarters in Sveta Nedelja

    Our original headquarters location expanded since 2013 and now includes Rimac showroom, machining, composites production, paintshop, prototype assembly, engineering departments and support functions.

  • 02
    Rimac Technology R&D Office Zagreb
  • 03
    Production facilities in Jankomir

    Established in 2022, this location is an extension of existing production facilities at the HQ. It includes Nevera series production line, components and battery production lines as well as manufacturing engineering and administration offices.

  • 04
    Rimac Technology R&D Office in Split

    Our satellite R&D office is home to 25 people working on hardware and software solutions. There is a strong collaboration with local Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.

  • 05
    Rimac Technology R&D Office in Osijek

    Our satellite R&D office gathers a small team working on platform software and calibration, and diagnostic apps. We're proud of the strong collaboration with local Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology.

Our future

We are working on developing a single location for our Croatia-based team, known as the Rimac Campus, with all the facilities and amenities we need to work and live. Follow the development and construction on campus.rimac-group.com

Rimac Nevera, WLTP: electricity consumption, combined: 30.0 KWh/100km; CO2 emissions, combined: 0 g/km