Driving Experience

Indulge your inner race driver

Driver Coach

Driver Coach is where gaming meets real-life racing. Feeding real-time audio and visual instructions to the driver, Rimac Driver Coach is your personal in-car performance coach, there to engage your inner race driver, enhance the experience on track, and help you optimize your driving style, perfect your performance, and reach new goals.


Rimac's All-Wheel Torque Vectoring (R-AWTV) calculates the precise level of torque to channel through each wheel for ultimate stability and exceptional agility. Both predictive and responsive, R-AWTV reads the road and makes over 100 calculations per second to tailor the level of torque to achieve the desired driving style. Endlessly configurable, our unique system is capable of everything from enhancing efficiency or improving stability in slippery conditions to producing a rear-bias, driftable hypercar. Select your preferred style of driving.

Driving modes

From the pinnacle of performance and driving enjoyment to an efficient and comfortable cross-continental tourer. Our hugely versatile and responsive R-AWTV system makes any driving style accessible. Chose how to calibrate your Nevera.

Driving modes


For true performance on the road, Sport mode sharpens the throttle response, brakes, suspension and steering.

Driving modes


Driving more torque to the rear wheels, Drift mode accentuates oversteer and helps hold the car in a controlled drift for the ultimate dramatic drive.

Driving modes


For everyday driving, Comfort mode strikes a balance between ease, efficiency and driving pleasure.

Driving modes


Boosting efficiency, Range mode helps achieve the maximum mileage from the battery. Go further.

Driving modes


Focusing on unrestrained, outright race performance, Track mode helps drivers unleash Nevera's full potential.

Driving modes


Create two of your own driving dynamics by curating your preferred performance characteristics in two Custom modes.


Designed and developed for everyday use, Nevera’s in-car technology provides the very best user experience and connectivity. From real-time vehicle, driving and race telemetry to in-built 4G for remote diagnostics, media streaming, software updates, web browsing and security controls. The form of Nevera’s clean cockpit design and user interface is dictated by function, just as it should be.


Mobile app

Using intuitive mobile applications developed in-house at Rimac, Nevera owners can track live data, such as GPS location, charging speed and battery status while also using it to analyse driving performance, metrics and map previews on Android & iOS.



Our M2M system delivers a wealth of real-time data to the service provider as well as the owner. While the user is connected to the vehicle through our intuitive mobile app, the manufacturer receives anonymised performance data. Through a cycle of continuous improvement, this data informs the development and validation of tomorrow’s technology, ensuring our future products and services get better with every drive and journey.

Rimac Nevera, WLTP: electricity consumption, combined: 30.0 KWh/100km; CO2 emissions, combined: 0 g/km