Infotainment and Connectivity Development

From graphically seductive in-vehicle user interfaces to vast amount of vehicle data handling in the cloud and specially tailored mobile apps for next generation hypercar is done in-house within Software Development Department. 

Custom infotainment OS and rich in-vehicle applications, telemetry system capable of monitoring storing and analysing data from thousands of vehicles simultaneously and mobile phone applications capable not only to provide information about your car but also giving you the power of control are just some of the sexy things going out of Software Department. 


Vehicle values

Telemetry system?collects more than 4500 values from the vehicle several times per second.


Programming languages

We use more than 10 programming languages in code production.

Having whole software stack?development?under one roof?by using cutting-edge technologies makes us?flexible, fast, and innovative?lettings us pushing the boundaries between possibilities & imagination.?Software?is?the one responsible for?bringing the Connected?prefix to Vehicle?term?and the one?breathing?life into an electric monster.?

30 commands for controlling the vehicle via mobile app



There are over?500?functionalities in the C_Two infotainment?system.

Rimac Nevera, WLTP: electricity consumption, combined: 30.0 KWh/100km; CO2 emissions, combined: 0 g/km