The ECU_101 is a vehicle control unit designed for C_Two. It controls different parts of the vehicle, including the powertrain, body, lights and cooling systems. The control unit is built around NXP SCP 5744 CPU with all necessary design considerations to comply with ASIL D standard. It has 28 inputs, 34 outputs and various communication types.


  • 1 x ENABLE
  • 4 x WAKE UP
  • 4 x HALL, 4 multiplexed with digital inputs
  • 8 x digital input pins, 0V  Vbat
  • 12 x digital-analog inputs, 12bit, 0V  Vbat
  • 8 x analog inputs, 12 bit, 0V  Vbat


  • 1 x FAULT output
  • 16 x digital outputs
  • 6 x 20A PWM outputs, 20kHz
  • 4 x 10A PWM outputs, 20kHz
  • 8 x 4A PWM outputs, 25kHz
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