Battery Systems

Bespoke battery solutions for the most demanding projects. Our battery technologies are highly integrated, all-in one solutions designed in-house for a variety of applications and needs.

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From our proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) to our advanced thermal management, our understanding of battery technology comes from years of designing, testing and verifying solutions built to meet the most demanding needs.

Thermal management is one of the greatest challenges in electric vehicle production. Our range of partly sunken, liquid or air-cooled thermal management solutions ensure all the cells in our battery packs remain within optimal temperature ranges. This allows the batteries to provide the required performance without sacrificing its lifespan.

Alongside thermal solutions, our Battery Management System (BMS) optimizes battery usage through advanced SoC and SoH algorithms. The system enables extremely high measurement accuracy and refresh rate, as well as ultra-low power consumption.

High-performance Solutions

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Ultra-High Performance Solutions

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Full Custom Solutions

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Pouch Cell-Based Solutions

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Battery Management System

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Power Distribution Unit

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