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Rimac Nevera Heads to Rimac Palm Beach in Latest Leg of North American Tour

17 November, 2022

Just as one Rimac Nevera sets a new world record EV production car top speed in Europe, another is continuing its multi-stop tour of North America with a week at Rimac Palm Beach. The local dealership team had arranged for a reveal at the exclusive Exotics at Dania Pointe event, followed by customer previews and media test drives. As Nevera continues to set a new benchmark for performance, these events give crucial seat-time to potential customers for an entirely new type of automotive experience.

All Rimac dealer partners globally are carefully selected to ensure they can meet the world-class technical expertise required to service the groundbreaking Nevera. These requirements include a deep understanding of its proprietary 120kWh liquid-cooled lithium manganese nickel battery, in-house developed e-Axles and the bespoke software controlling vehicle functions, making use of specialist digital diagnostic tools developed by Rimac. No other car has ever delivered this level of performance or technology.

Following its appearance at Dania Pointe, the Nevera once more took to the streets of Palm Beach for photoshoots both on Palm Beach Island and at a Delray Mansion, in partnership with Senada Adzem, director of luxury sales at Douglas Elliman, giving residents of one of Florida’s most exclusive locations their first glimpse at this next-generation all-electric sports car.

During the exclusive test drives, clients and VIP media guests will have the chance to experience the full breadth of Nevera’s abilities. Many know that an EV can be fast in a straight line but have never experienced the near-infinite flexibility of a four-motor drivetrain complete with R-AWTV 2 (Rimac All-Wheel Torque Vectoring). It means Nevera handles like no other car on sale.

Roni Kert, Head of Sales, Rimac Automobili, said: “Throughout this North American Tour, our Rimac dealership partners have created extraordinary experiences with Nevera, doing justice to the innovative car that our team has created. Thanks to Rimac Palm Beach for their support in creating a series of events that has introduced the next-generation performance of Nevera to the residents of South Florida.”

The Nevera began its North American leg of the tour with an appearance at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, before heading to Rimac Boston, Manhattan Motorcars in New York, the Dreamride charity event and then an appearance at the exclusive The Bridge event in the Hamptons. The team packed up after The Bridge and set off to stop by Rimac partners in Canada, the French-Canadian majesty of Montreal followed by the Great Lake-side bustle of Toronto.

A stop at Rimac Charlotte in North Carolina was followed by a drop-in to Rimac Austin just ahead of the US Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas, followed by a stop in Houston and then Naples, before it arrived at its current destination in Palm Beach. The tour ends with stops in Orlando, Palm Springs and LA.

Developed to offer next-generation hypercar performance, Nevera is officially both the fastest accelerating production car in the world and the fastest EV production car, marking a new era in the evolution of automotive performance, achieved using technology designed, developed and produced in-house at the Rimac Group. The Nevera’s 1,914hp is produced by four bespoke Rimac-engineered electric motors, enabling 0-60mph in just 1.85 seconds, and 0-100mph in 4.3 seconds. While it offers up performance unseen in all hypercars before it, it’s been designed to enable all-electric grand touring previously deemed near-impossible with present day technology.

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Rimac Nevera, WLTP: electricity consumption, combined: 30.0 KWh/100km; CO2 emissions, combined: 0 g/km