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RIMAC NEVERA GOES AUGMENTED REALITY: Take your digital Nevera on a world tour and win a trip to one of the Rimac events

28 September, 2021

For all the Rimac fans, we’ve developed a 360° augmented reality (AR) filter that enables you to place the 3D Rimac Nevera in real-life photos. ​

From Barcelona to New York City, this summer we kicked off the #NeveraWorldTour and shared moments from some of the most iconic cities in Europe and the US. Our tour continues and this is your chance to join – place a digital Nevera in your favorite spot, share your shots and win a trip to one of the Rimac events worldwide. ​

Rimac Nevera AR filter changes the size and the angle of the vehicle by zooming in and out, while the best results are achieved in areas with plenty of light, be it inside or outside. There are no limits to where this digital Nevera can be parked: a scenic road or a city street, driveways, viewpoints, or in front of the iconic architecture – it’s up to you. ​

Share your creations on Instagram feed or stories with the hashtags #NeveraAR and @rimac_automobili tag and win a real-life Nevera experience at one of the many Rimac events around the world. We will re-share the best photos and announce the winner on Friday, October 22nd.

Find the filter by searching “Rimac Nevera” on Instagram or by clicking on the link:

#DareToCreate with us!

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