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Rimac C_TWO in Microsoft Forza Horizon 4

08 June, 2019

You may want to revise your summer plans – the Rimac C_Two is now available for a virtual test drive. Microsoft XBOX E3 2019 kicks off with an electrifying addition to Forza Horizon 4.

June 7, Los Angeles / Zagreb – In light of the world’s largest gaming conference – the XBOX E3, Rimac and Microsoft launch a partnership. The Rimac C_Two is introduced to the premier open-world racing game Forza Horizon 4 as the first all-electric hypercar.

Boasting 1914 hp, the C_Two is a game-changer – the world’s most powerful hypercar. Its astonishing performance enables acceleration of 0-60 mph in 1.85 seconds and 0-186 mph in 11.8 seconds. 2300 Nm of torque is instantly available. Now, this experience is enabled in the virtual world. The racing simulations are more than just a game, they are precise replications where reality and the virtual world become one.

The game is also an exciting way to experience the C_Two, and a way for fans to get unique access to that much power. Before the C_Two brings its performance to the roads around the world in 2020, gamers get an exclusive.

Collect it, explore the beautiful scenery, and share the excitement with us. #ForzaRimac #ForzaHorizon4 #FH4

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Rimac Nevera, WLTP: electricity consumption, combined: 30.0 KWh/100km; CO2 emissions, combined: 0 g/km