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Richard Hammond and Mate Rimac About the Accident in Switzerland

27 June, 2017

Richard Hammond and Mate Rimac have given an interview about Richard’s crash in the Rimac Concept_One in Switzerland last month during filming of series 2 of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Vide.

The interview offers Richard and Mate’s versions of event, providing detailed analysis using exclusive images and data not currently in the public domain. This brand new data shows that the car reached a speed of over 210km/h during Richard’s lap and then travelled over 110 metres once it left the track. Both Richard and Mate agree that despite the severity of the crash, Richard’s injuries were minimal, highlighting the structural integrity of the car.

“We are still evaluating the data and the footage, but the car held up pretty well [in the circumstances]. Of course the bad thing is that it caught fire. There are many supercars and electric cars that catch fire just by sitting there, and considering what our car went through, I think it’s understandable. Of course we want to prevent these thing from happening in the future.” 

Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Automobili

For the full video, go to DriveTribe.

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