While most associate Rimac Automobili with the world’s first and most powerful electric hypercar – the Concept_One, Rimac is much more than a hypercar manufacturer: it is a technology company, developing and proving solutions and systems for many brands in the industry. Focused on high-performance electric drivetrain and battery systems, electronics and connectivity, Rimac has the technology, know-how and pedigree to develop and manufacture the Battery System for the AM-RB 001.

Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili: “The opportunity to collaborate with Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies on such a groundbreaking project is a great honor for everybody at Rimac Automobili. At the same time – it is extremely challenging, as the performance and weight targets are on Formula 1 level while durability and safety need to satisfy the expectations and regulations of road cars. We are very proud of being a partner in this demanding but rewarding endeavor.”

Rimac Automobili, a young but fast growing company from Croatia, has managed not only to become a recognized hypercar manufacturer – but also a key partner for many global brands. The company has increased to over 250 employees and is scaling up the production of its key components and technologies for the industry, enabling further growth into a full electrification partner for global OEMs.