Rimac Automobili has developed one of the most advanced In-Vehicle Infotainment systems, with both the hardware and software done in-house

Infotainment features

Main features of our IVI system are


of different graphics, display sizes and functionalities due to proprietary hardware and software


with a 3G/WiFi M2M System for remote diagnostics, software updates, internet media streaming, web browsing and remote control via smartphone apps and web interfaces


such as off-line 3D navigation, real-time vehicle telemetry, surround view camera systems and other


we have developed our infotainment from the grounds up with the utmost priority being the security and integrity of the system

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Infotainment exemplified

We have implemented our IVI systems in many different projects in various markets. From small single screens to large multi-screen projects, from cars and bikes to nautical and other projects. The great thing about doing hardware, software and design in-house is that we can support your project with unrivaled quality, flexibility and effectiveness.

The most advanced electric Bicycle

Design and development of an IVI system for our Greyp electric bicycle.

The worlds most expensive supercar

Design and development of the holographic Infotainment system for the world’s most expensive car.

Innovative watercraft

Design and development of a waterproof and sun-readable IVI system including connectivity features for a personal watercraft.