Full vehicle development

Rimac Automobili can support you in developing your idea from a blank sheet of paper to the finished prototype and production. With our in-house design, engineering, production and support services we are able to execute complex projects on the highest level - quickly and cost effectively

Electric sportscar prototype

Design, development and production of a complete electric supercar based on Rimac Automobili components and technology.

This project included body, chassis, interior, infotainment and battery pack development. The Rimac Automobili powertrain, Torque Vectoring, Infotainment and electronics were integrated in record breaking time to provide a fully functional sportscar with over 1000 hp.

Tajima Rimac One Megawatt Pikes Peak car

Rimac Automobili has developed and manufactured Mr. Nobuhiro Monster Tajima’s 2015 PPHC car within several months. The final vehicle is one of the most powerful electric cars ever built – a 1 Megawatt monster worthy of its driver, that can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 2,2 seconds and can reach 200 km/h in 5,4 sec.
The incredible performance and second place overall (in front of all the ICE cars) in the first race, make this project a huge success and the perfect showcase of our team’s capabilities.


GREYP - High performance electric bike

Rimac Automobili has designed and developed the first Greyp bike – G12, the most advanced electric bike in the world.

The G12 was designed from the ground up to combine the best of both worlds – motorcycles and bicycles.