In-house developed electronics, from ECUs, VCUs and Charging managment, ensure we have the know-how, technology and flexibility to support your projects, regardless of the size or complexity.

Vehicle Control Unit

The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is the main control unit in a vehicle and controls the information exchange between all components. It is responsible for overall control, measuring, protection and supervision and is based on proprietary Rimac Automobili hardware and software solutions.

Body Control Unit

Rimac Automobili Body Control Unit (RA-BCU) is used to control and read status information from the Low Voltage 12V systems in the vehicle. Depending on the functionality, different devices can be grouped in several subsystems that are controlled by one BCU. RA-BCU is a universal electronic control unit with numerous inputs and outputs, enabling the use of the RA-BCU in a variety of applications.

Charging Management

Rimac Automobili Charger Manager (RA-CA) is the interface board between an electric vehicle and various electric vehicle supply charging infrastructure. The board supports simple low level communication (used in AC charging) and high level power line communication (DC charging). Both high and low level communication is achieved through the same control pilot wire. The RA-CA supports both AC charging and CCS fast charging standard.