Helping You Become The Leader in an Electrified World

Full solutions provider. From turnkey solutions to high performance EV components. Designed, developed and produced in-house.

Our capabilities

Rimac Automobili develops and produces a full range of EV components and provides support from the project start until serial production. Our unprecedented level of vertical integration enables us to carry out every kind of EV project you might have, fully in-house. It means a drastic decrease in cost and time needed to execute, therefore, simplifying your supply and making your life easier.

Metal Structures
Battery Packs
Battery Management Systems
Infotainment systems
Software Controls
Drivetrain systems
Electric Motors
Cooling Systems

Our Clients

We are recognized globally for our ability to deliver high end EV solutions, quickly and affordably. Rimac Automobili has built strong partnerships by providing our components and engineering to brand names across industries.


Interested in finding the data sheets, CAD files and much more data about all our components? Browse our repository section to see the specs behind our supercars and technology