Propulsion system

The idea was to create an exceptional supercar with a unique powertrain. The ability of controlling each wheel separately, hundreds of times per second, in both directions is a huge advantage compared to traditional sportscars. An electric motor does not know the words “lag”, or “time to change gears”. Focused on the driving experience, the Concept_One is driven by the most high-tech components of electric propulsion, developed in our cutting - edge Research and Development facilities, challenging the future of automotive development. With a curb weight of 1950 kg, and 1088 HP, the Concept_One can reach 100 km/h from standstill in 2.8 seconds and continues to accelerate over 300 km/h.
The Concept_One is designed to be the best supercar, not just a supercar with electric motors. The independent drive system and low mounted batteries are a dream came true for any engineer who wants to improve driving dynamics. We don’t use a platform which was originally developed for an internal combustion engine car - the whole Concept_One architecture is developed from scratch, around the powertrain and battery - pack. We are building an electric supercar which raises the bar. Our goal is to hand -build the best car possible, using the best available materials and components. We are especially proud of the fact that all key components are designed, engineered and produced by Rimac Automobili.
The Concept_One's powertrain is divided into the front and rear sub - system. Each of those sub - systems contains two symmetrical motor - controller - reduction gearbox units.
Two Permanent Magnet Motors are combined in a common housing but still, they are completely independent - designed with Torque Vectoring in mind. The motors (rotor and stator) are oil cooled with a closed - loop cooling system inside the housing.
This architecture was necessary in order to get as much power as possible, while keeping the weight low.

Our target is to raise the bar for supercars in terms of driving dynamics